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Virtual Library for Self Study

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About Course

Many students are getting benefitted from V-Library , where you can study online and improve your studying hours, set your own target and complete within time, if not achieve then revise and achieve with improvements.

Mandatory Rules:-

1) As you join, switch on the Video immediately or within 5 mins.

2) After you join, you have to study for atleast 1 Hr.

3) You should wear proper clothes.

4) Your sitting position should not distract anyone. Pls avoid mobile in front of the screen, No phone call allowed.

5)Your device (laptop/mobile) should be fixed -don’t touch your devices again & again, it create distraction to others. Your camera angle must be placed in such way that your face should appear clearly without any object in between.

6) Tables and chairs are mandatory or you can sit on the Ground/floor but beds are not allowed.

7) Set a target for a session and try to achieve your target within a session, when you achieve your target within a session , it will help to boost your confidence.

Enter the library with your real name follow by subject name only like if My name is ABC and studying Direct Tax than rename as :- ABC # DT

Invite your needy friends only

Main Virtual Library only for verified Students

  1. Registered and verify first
  2. Open 24*7 Hours
  3. Host available
  4. Target Based Study
  5. Friendly Environments
  6. Rules are mandatory
  7. Guide on Saturday/ Sunday

Doubt Solving

Not available directly, but via Telegram group only: https://t.me/VLibraryStudents

For General Discussion-CA Students: https://t.me/videocalldiscussCAstudents



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What Will You Learn?

  • To increase your Self Study habits
  • Increase your sitting hours capacity
  • Join as per your convenience
  • Open 24*7: Join whenever/wherever you need

Course Content

Virtual Library for Self Study: Join Now from here
Virtual Library for Self Study

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